Current release unfortunately comes only for MS Windows platform. There are some problems (which I don't understand at the moment) with running plug-in on Linux machines (Eclipse for GTK library). You can try on own Linux box. Please read the installation instructions on how to install the plug-in, because there are additional components which are necessary and which are not included in this Lavadora release. The following package, besides plug-in itself contains also it's source code.
There's also source-only package. The source code is written in English, but its comments are not. Sorry for that, I had no time to use English, but I shall translate them (I promise). Meanwhile you can see how actually Polish language looks like.
The source code contains also, besides plug-in classes, slightly modified UDDI4J library. The main thing I don't like about it, is its dependence on system properties. This kind of behavior is unwanted in the Eclipse Platforms where all plug-ins should be modular and cannot disturb operation of other ones in an unpredictable way.

If you want to experiment with the code it is easy to setup an Eclipse project with all the files contained in the first .zip file. You have to retain its directory structure, and add separate folders with source and for compiled class files.

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